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For many of Salesforce.com’s customers, this is an entirely natural development.

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In title II worker claims, the among of the benefit may be affected; in title XVI claims, the amount of benefit payable for the first month of eligibility may be prorated.

Consequently, it is essential that the onset date be correctly established and supported by the evidence, as explained in the policy statement.

The Yin and Yang of Take It National is the pull between a national presence and a local presence.

Many organizations that want to function in many markets but have a form of a local presence need to both have a main “central” home page and local/regional pages.

Today’s launch of Financial Force ERP is just a relabeling of existing products rather than the introduction of anything new.

And yet there’s rich symbolism in asserting the availability of such a fundamental building-block of enterprise IT within the Salesforce platform on which Financial Force products run — and that’s strategically important for both companies.

(PPS-100) SSR 83-20 PURPOSE: To state the policy and describe the relevant evidence to be considered when establishing the onset date of disability under the provisions of titles II and XVI of the Social Security Act (the Act) and implementing regulations.

CITATIONS (AUTHORITY): Sections 216(i), 223(a), 223(d), 1614(a) and 1621 of the Social Security Act, as amended; Regulations No.

Salesforce is the pre-eminent system of engagement, in the lexicon promoted by business writer Geoffrey Moore.


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