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Elliott and Sue want to thank DB for bringing us together.

The result is a near-flat learning curve, signup in just a few minutes, and an array of dating tips, articles, and zodiac matches.

Dating strives to maintain a better product than the competition by staying humble, listening to their users, and continually looking for ways to improve their product and cater to their users.

We were 'both' skeptical that an online dating site could assist in finding our life partner but it really does work and we are exremely excited about sharing every new experience together :) We would both recommend this site to anyone who is tired of the traditional 'bar' scene. - Elliot and Sue "I've registered with so many dating sites I've lost count, but this is the first one I've liked.

I've only found one free dating site and it was just plain hard to use. Finally a truly free site that actually does what I want." - Jonas "I joined Dating and found the website was very easy to use.

I never did anything like online dating before, but I always found meeting new singles a pain because I never had time and had difficulty in person.

Dating made it easy to meet singles on my own time and with less stress."I've met some really attractive and great girls whom I shared a lot in common with and went on several dates with. I still come back to read the dating advice articles. "My girlfriend and me are very grateful to Dating because they made it easy for us to meet each other. "Thank you." - Peter "Thank you Dating for helping me find my soul mate.You made the process of finding someone special very easy and fun.Find out how your attitude can affect your online dating success...Patience My Lovelies I wrote earlier that some women make their profiles asexual, because they think a sexier profile will, and I quote “make all the creepy guys come attack you.” But the fact that this is even an issue is the real issue....Why you make things up Everything you think of men or woman is made up. Because whatever you came up with, before you came up with it, you had a reason to come up with it.


  1. Online dating has grown in popularity to the point where there is almost no social stigma attached to it.

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