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The installer can be downloaded on the respective websites: If you have a router or firewall you might have problems running World of Warcraft or services such as the Blizzard Downloader.The following ports need to be forwarded for World of Warcraft to work correctly: However, in Wine the Direct3D mode is supported only through an emulation layer that runs on top of Open GL.

I disabled "work offline" by unchecking "Work Offline" in the file menu (available by pressing the First of all, if your behind a router you should make sure that the ports are set as recommended by Blizzard.

Follow this link for a complete list of ports: https://eu.battle.net/support/en/article/firewall-configuration-for-blizzard-games Second of all, I assume you are rejoining in the Mist of Panderia expantion.

This is usually caused by issues with the graphics card driver, visit binary drivers for more information.

If you have the installation discs, this guide recommends that you copy the contents of your discs to your hard disk and install Wo W from there.

I have recently been demanded to return to World of Warcraft, to take part in a reform of my old guild, so I am trying to reinstall World of Warcraft.

I have downloaded the installer with no problems and run it as administrator, however it simply hangs at "Checking for updates..." as per below; I have left this installer for a period of time and it has not timed out, it simply just sits there doing nothing.

This may take some time, even when using a fast connection.

The game will be fully or close to fully patched upon finishing.

Note that as World of Warcraft is always being updated and patched, the addon authors need to update accordingly with these changes.

If you have an addon that hasn't been updated yet to reflect these changes, be sure to have "Load out of Date Addons" checked.

Just click on the link below that best suits your needs and follow the given instructions -- all images will open to show you a larger one!


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