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In mid-March, after years of scoffing at every suggestion any of its traders might have done something untoward, SAC agreed to pay, without admitting guilt, the largest fine in the history of the Securities and Exchange Commission, a stunning 6 million, to settle charges of insider trading in only two trades.Some on Wall Street called it a victory for Cohen, who paid a pittance—for him—to make a messy situation go away. fine did nothing to curtail the ongoing criminal investigation, which has already led to guilty pleas from and convictions of at least five onetime SAC employees.

Later, though, when it was clear Annalise was being investigated by the DA (more on that in a second), she asked him to take the fall. Because when she’s backed into a corner, Lurky Mc Churchmouse will forever and for always play for Team Annalise.

“You love me — but you want me to jump on the grenade for all of us? * On “Fire Night,” we saw Nate enter Annalise’s home office, in search of his ex, followed shortly thereafter by Laurel, responding to her boss’ request to convene for a meeting. — the house exploded, and all of the horrors that we’ve seen in flash-foward over the last eight episodes fell into place. Wes learned Atwood and those barely-there detectives were looking into the death of Rebecca, whose body turned up in the woods.

As Nate would later discover, however, Wes was already dead before an explosion went off at Chez Keating — the same blast that injured Laurel and left the musclebound investigator unscathed.

* Bonnie stopped Frank from committing suicide by reiterating their deep connection — and hinting at their other “deep connection” (wink wink) back in the hotel in Coalport.

Then it became clear the only way it could work would be if it had impact emotionally.

We considered every option, ever character, and the poor actors realized that discussion was happening while they still had to do their jobs every day. Episode 7 was when I thought, “Ugh, I really have to decide this.” And that’s when I did.

There’s dead, and then there’s “TV dead” — when you don’t actually see the victim’s body or the whole thing was an elaborately staged fakeout or, y’know, “secret twin.” But make no mistake, the character revealed to be “under the sheet” Wes Gibbins (Alfred Enoch), had been presumed alive after “Fire Night” flash-forwards found him in a Philly PD interrogation room agreeing to testify against Annalise.

But at the end of the hour, we saw him sneak out of the building after getting a voicemail from his mentor, only to wind up back at police HQ — this time on the medical examiner’s table, half his face burned beyond recognition.

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