Who is enya dating

There have been just seven albums since 'Watermark' in 1989, and yet Enya's fan base is getting bigger, growing like some unfathomable geothermal confection of dry ice and Celtic gobbledegook that scientists struggle to explain.

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Unlike U2, however, or just about any other artist, Enya's sales have grown - not diminished - with the passing of each year and each new album.

This is because Enya is a product, a sound, without limit.

Yet with album sales in terminal decline thanks to downloading and piracy, and record companies pushing live performances more than ever, could Enya’s first “gig” be just a whisper away with her latest album Dark Sky Island?

As ever, the Celtic queen is keeping her cards close to her chest.“It’s much easier to talk about touring now that stage productions are massive."Today we can have an orchestra but in 1988 it wasn’t really seen as practical, especially for a debut album.

I don’t know."The album has just happened so there’s a lot to think about. I almost quite like not knowing what’s coming next.” Enya has just returned from New York, where she was introduced to the Metropolitan Opera’s pioneering “live” series when her performance was simultaneously beamed into cinemas around the world.“That was an idea that has been strongly put forward, so we’ll see,” she says.

One gets the impression that whatever happens, Enya will have the final say, with the help of the couple she describes as her “musical family”, producer and manager Nicky Ryan and his lyricist wife Roma.

When you become famous, the last thing you expect to have named after you is a species of fish, right?

Well, scientists from Oregon State University have discovered a new breed of fish, and decided to call it after the Irish singer, Enya.

Anything that I thought of, any step I had to take had to be my own step."Every decision is my decision and that comes from being at boarding school at 11 years of age.“When you’re in a big family, your older brothers and sisters make all the decisions.

Then suddenly I found myself at school, hearing my own voice saying ‘What would you like to do?

I get very inspired by traveling, by being home in Donegal ... That emotion that I loved at some stage will evolve as a melody.


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