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Of course I never would have acted upon it, but it's done a lot of emotional scarring," she said.

The court eventually handed Pickler to her grandparents when she was 12 and Morton did not show up for the hearing.

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It was released in mid-2008 and reached the Top 25.

The second single from her self-titled album is "Best Days of Your Life" which she co-wrote with country-pop superstar Taylor Swift.

Kellie Dawn Pickler (born June 28, 1986) is an American country singer-songwriter who is close friends with Taylor Swift.

First met her while on tour together with fellow country singer Brad Paisley.

While he was famous for his many girlfriends, George was actually married back in the early '90s to actress Talia Balsam (she has since married John Slattery, who also played her onscreen ex-husband on Mad Men).

Women young and old swoon over George, and he's definitely spread the love around himself over the years, so let's take a look at George's former flames.

She is the first Idol alum to not only appear on the show but to win it as well.

George Clooney wed human rights attorney Amal Almuddin in September 2014, but before that, he was a notorious playboy.

Although she never went home with "American Idol" title, Kellie Pickler was one of the show's best alumni.

She was born Kellie Dawn Pickler on June 28, 1986 at Stanly Memorial Hospital in Albemarle to Cynthia Morton and Clyde Raymond Pickler.

Taylor got out her guitar, and 20-30 minutes later, they had written a song about it titled "Best Days of Your Life", which is on Pickler's self-titled second album. She even sang the song as a duet with season 15 Idol contestant Tristan Mc Intosh on the February 18, 2016 episode of Idol.


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