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You Gov released a study today that revealed some pretty surprising results about millennials and their ideal and current relationships.

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The next night O'Reilly announced that he could not report the results of the poll as it appeared Stormfront had urged its members to vote in the poll, thus skewing the numbers.

Shannon Martinez sat on a porch in Marietta, Georgia with her friends. Martens and picked at her shoelaces as her long chestnut bangs—the only part of her head that wasn't shaved—fell in her face. As she bounced around from Michigan to Georgia in the early 1990s, the one constant in her life was her hate group.

Its prominence has grown since the 1990s, attracting attention from watchdog organizations that oppose racism and antisemitism.

Stormfront began in 1990 as an online bulletin board for white nationalist David Duke's campaign for United States Senator of Louisiana.

In 2002, Google complied with French and German legislation forbidding links to websites which host white supremacist, Holocaust-denying or historical revisionist material by removing from their French and German indexes.

Stormfront returned to the news in May 2003, when Fox News Channel host Bill O'Reilly reported on a racially segregated prom being held in Georgia and posted a poll on his website asking his viewers if they would send their own children to one.

Margaret Woods,of UAF Scotland said: "We won’t stand for their racism, their Islamophobia, their scapegoating of migrants and refugees.

"UAF oppose any attempts by racists and nazis to organise here and will work with others to seek the biggest united mobilisation that we can to let these thugs know they are not welcome.

It received national attention in the United States in 2000 after being featured as the subject of a documentary,


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