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Know who is still in the premise and who visited your property. Suitable for Security Applications in Condominiums, Factories and Offices Username & Password control for Administrator and Frontdesk Limit what information can be viewed at Front-desk Register using My Kad Reader Blacklist unwanted visitors Visitor History Quick check to see who are still in the premises Easy installation, no complicated database installations Easy to learn Lite 3.0 kit (for Malaysia) comes complete with USB Smart Card Reader and Software to read My Kad Data into a computer system.

Blacklist those whom you do not wish to enter the premises. The reader device is included with the kit and can be installed on any computer with USB ports.

• A web-based short course in cam design is now on this site.

It offers eight, 1-hour lectures on cam design by Professor Norton based on his 50 years experience designing cams and teaching the subject. • Dynacam Plus includes a feature that allows a measured or empirical cam profile to be imported.

The standard 45 lift and lobe height is .312”, UL is .375”, WR or K is .344”, KK/KHK is .375”, KR is .395” or larger. For background and comparison, some factory KR cam data is shown here: . Some possible Andrews cam alternatives for the 45 are shown here: .

Attention: KNS Cycle is the source of this product, .

Combustion cycles, chassis layouts, engine types and designs, valve trains, transmissions, drive lines, suspension, steering, brakes, and body design - all are discussed in detail.

• The 5th edition of Design of Machinery is now available and has the new program Linkages, and Dynacam on its DVD, which also contains a number of videos and tutorials plus Hrones and Nelson's Atlas of fourbar coupler curves.• The latest student versions of Design of Machinery's programs can be downloaded from this site.I’m at a point in my Internet-obsessed life where Pay Pal is the preferred payment method that I choose to pay for just about anything.If you’re a self-employed person who works online and from home, I can imagine you being in a similar predicament. You can pay for anything with Pay Pal I have to admit that Paypal has become my own vehicle of choice for conducting business online. However, there’s a crafty little maneuver that you can use on sites that don’t accept Pay Pal to make it so that they do.Domino’s accepts orders online, but not by Pay Pal.You need to pay by cash or debit, credit, or gift card.Generally if you can’t decide between 2 cams, the smaller one is the safer choice.

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