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At the age of 15, Angel began connecting with foreign men in chat rooms. “They told me ‘Angel, it’s really nice to chat with the foreign guys because you can earn money.’” For several hours every day, Angel is online with men from North America and Europe.

“They tell me that, ‘I will send you money if you show me your body, your naked body,’ and yes I will show it, and they will send me money.” The world he and his friends inhabit is the seedy collection of internet cafes, some of them with private cubicles, where teenagers can ‘perform’ on web-cams for foreign customers.

Online groomers can be both men and women of any age over 18, although they may not always be honest about their age.

FRED DE SAM LAZARO: They’re asked to submit pictures that seem innocuous, facial shots, ostensibly part of the selection process.

IVY CASTILLO: The next requirement is with a two-piece.

Recent studies have shown that anywhere from 100 to more than 300 thousand Filipinos are trafficked each year; 80 percent, four out of five, are under the age of 18.

The government, under international pressure, has stepped up enforcement.

Stings like this one to rescue young women are more common, as are arrests and convictions.

But the sex trafficking industry, as always, seems a step ahead in the game. IVY CASTILLO, Officer, Manila Police Cybercrime Center: That’s only one but there are a lot. So, they’re pretending that this is a real modeling agency to entrap the young girls?I spent 3 months going from city to city meeting and hooking up with Philippinas. I have been to some untouched areas and now I will drop all my knowledge about this amazing country.Philippines girls are small, light to brown skinned girls, with a variety of body types. Philippinos are known as the English teachers of Asia, so the language barrier is very small here. Girls are different and they are looking for different things than western girls.It also depends on what area they live in as some conservative Philippinas are as feminine as it comes. Many have been dumped by previous playboy types that have come through town.Also because girls here are Catholic you have to understand that these girls have been told all their lives that sex is bad, so game accordingly.They have small noses and the most white-like eyes of any Asian race. There is a 95% that girls here will be Catholic, so it's conservative but... I had to force myself to tone back my cocky personality.


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