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It certainly features in the top 10 cruising destinations mentioned on the same site, and it continually crops up among the most popular destinations listed on countless other websites too. Perhaps it is the gorgeous weather, the warmth that enables you to enjoy time out on deck when you are cruising from place to place.

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However if you prefer not to fly you can find some no fly cruises departing UK ports including these: These cruises tend to be far longer in duration than those which require a flight one way as part of the booking.

This takes into account the extra time spent at sea.

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If you are considering boarding a Caribbean bound cruise for the first time, you will likely have some questions about the experience.


  1. It’s not unusual for military veterans to go into law enforcement.

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  3. However, they do have a live help service at their homepage to talk you through joining.

  4. It’s pretty close to Seattle, just about 25 miles away, so the residents benefit from all the cultural attractions there.

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