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A little while back, I shared some thoughts about dating as a vegan. The jist is not to limit yourself to finding someone who is already a vegan. On the other hand, if you are hoping to find a plant-based partner, here are some more ideas for how to find one…

How to meet a veg partner: • Like I mentioned in my video, try going to eco and vegan events where you might meet like-minded people.

You will be asked a set of multiple choice questions and you need to answer them as honestly as possible.

Take your time and do not rush through the process.

Though the food may look high-end the attitude is rooted in approachability.

It’s also where I encountered one of the best roasted duck breast in all of Los Angeles.

There are a ton of vegan and eco-friendly groups there that might introduce you to some cool people.


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  3. “People will readily acknowledge being too busy because that makes them sound important,” he says.

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  5. During my stay in the Philippines, I noticed that the women there are very friendly.

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  7. It's a bar, shopping mall and home sweet home all in one. I am open to all offers, just give me a call and we can talk about it.

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