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actress Laura Vandervoort is known as the gal who took it all off for Peta…But at this year's Much Music Video Awards, she went for a more covered up look on the red carpet!Laura first began her career in background work on Canadian commercials and TV shows, then landed her first speaking role at the age of thirteen, for the children’s series “Goosebumps” and “Are You Afraid of the Dark?

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If you don’t remember, Laura and Oliver got engaged in January 2014 after dating in mid-2013.

Though Laura has not publicly commented on the split, she did write on Instagram before the new year, “Don’t limit who you are & who you can be….

He’s maybe not taken as seriously as some of the other werewolves, but he’s OK with that. My grandfather was the former Pack Alpha before Jeremy, and my father is the sort of book-handler or logistics-coordinator, if you will, for the pack.

He’s a fun-loving guy who I’d describe as enjoying the fruits of nature.

“Bitten” is one of Syfy’s newest series, following the lives of modern-day werewolves. So there’s a long line of werewolves from which I am a descendant. And I’ve been blessed by the writers to have some of the lighter moments in the scripts and to provide some comic relief. In comparison to the version of Nick in the novel, how does your TV version compare? Nick is — I wouldn’t call him the enforcer — he’s been pegged as the negotiator.

While speaking with Zap2it, Steve Lund talks about playing the fun-loving werewolf Nick Sorrentino and about reuniting with his former “Haven” co-star, Laura Vandervoort (“Smallville,” “V”) on the show. I’ve been told by fans of the book and the loyal supporters that my portrayal of Nick is very accurate, in their opinion. For me, playing this character is a lot of fun, and I’ve found him very relatable. Nick has a very easy way about him, a nice easy charm, a little bit more of a charismatic candor, I suppose.

In 2006, Laura shot her first feature film “The Lookout” starring Jeff Daniels, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Mathew Goode and Isla Fisher.

Several TV appearances afterwards such as “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” led Laura into the hands of The CW network.

I’ve found a lot of moments to introduce my own character into it and have in fact been encouraged to do so by writers and directors and producers. So when you’re dealing with a lot of types with some major tempers and some hot personalities, I’m sent in from time to time to offer a little bit more of a softer approach to getting information. Since our first image of Nick has him in bed with both a man and a woman, what can you say about the character’s sexuality?

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