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It’s clear that information illiteracy has become a problem.Many people are either unwilling or unable to discern what’s true and reliable in the content they view daily on the internet.We won’t weigh-in on whether some Macedonian teenagers affected the outcome of the 2016 US presidential election by publishing fake news stories for advertising profit.

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Remember to evaluate Note: To find relevant information about the author, check personal homepages on the Web, campus directory entries and information retrieved through search engines.

Also check print sources in the Library Reference area; Who's Who in America, Biography Index, and other biographical sources can be used to determine the author's credentials.

"The school taught him to access the Internet, but it didn't teach him to think about the information he was accessing," said technology expert Alan November.

As we move into the Internet era, many schools are failing to develop their students' information literacy, November charged.

Call Air Union Insurance Brokers customer service at 400-810-2688 2. If your e-ticket was not purchased through the Air China website,you may verify the ticket’s authenticity by visiting the Travel Sky website at Used e-tickets can be verified by the system for up to 27 days after the passenger has completed all of the flights on the ticketed itinerary. Unused e-tickets can be verified by the system within one year after the ticket was purchased.

Or Samsung Air China Life Insurance customer service at 400-810-1888 3. Verity reduces fraud by confirming the accuracy of an individual's self-reported data against well-known databases that specialize in consumer demographics.These databases seamlessly integrate billions of records across thousands of databases.Knowing the motive behind the page's creation can help you judge its content.When a high school student using the Internet to do research on the Holocaust concludes that concentration camps were wellness centers for the Jews, something has gone seriously wrong.In addition to a V-Score, Verity provides normalized data.

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