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Starting today, all US Xbox 360 owners who connect to Xbox Live will be greeted with the biggest update since the introduction of the "Next Xbox Experience" in 2008.In addition to installing a brand new system interface and some twists and tweaks all around, this update will make your Xbox 360 fully equipped to handle Kinect when the motion camera goes on sale later this week.

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The previous memory cap was a paltry 32GB - even if you plugged in larger-sized devices.

Microsoft's firmware refresh rolls out soon to those signed up for the Xbox 360 dashboard beta programme. The update also removes the Xbox 360's previous method of reserving hard drive space in advance, to maximise the amount of free room on your drive.

Also tied into the speech recognition, users will be able to search for content on the system by stating “Bing: Content Name”.

UPDATE 1/5/15 9.15am Microsoft is rolling out a new Xbox 360 firmware update that adds USB hard drive support up to 2TB.

The creation of a dashboard beta programme similar to Xbox One suggests that Microsoft has more updates planned.

Diehard Xbox 360 gamers will be glad to hear that a new update for the Xbox 360 Dashboard is available.

Above: The Xbox 360 is going beyond just a "media hub" and becoming an "everything hub"Kinect is the headlining feature of the update, but there are several others being added to the system as part of the installation.

And they are: If you want to play Kinect games but don't have an Internet-connected Xbox 360, don't worry.

One large change to the dashboard includes a higher level of integration with social networks.

Using the new Social tab within the interface, users will be able to set a “beacon” to alert friends on Facebook about playing a specific game.

Users can also set the updates to fire out constantly as achievements are earning while playing a game, but those Facebook updates may be marked as spam by friends if the frequency is out of control.


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