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Net。 看看Wiki上的MDAC定义:“Microsoft Data Access Components(MDAC)是微软专门为数据访问功能而发展的应用程序开发接口,做为微软的统一化数据访问(Universal Data Access; UDA)解决方案的核心组成,最初的版本在1996年时发表,其组成组件有ODBC,OLE DB以及ADO,其中ADO是在Visual Basic上唯一的数据访问管道,而OLE DB则是基于COM之上,供C/C 访问与提供数据的接口,ODBC则是统一化的数据访问API。”也就是说,ODBC, OLE DB, ADO都是这个解决方案的组件。 再看看这张调用图,很多事情就不言自明了。(其实我觉得这图有些不准确,.

Net Managed Provider应该有条专线直通Data Stores, 这样才能体现出Sql Server的性能优越性嘛...) 2. 总结一下就是:以前访问oracle,就要用oracle 的api, 要访问db2,就要用db2的api,这样写出来的代码都是不一样的,一旦领导层要更换数据库,结果程序员就倒血霉了,这不是好方法,ODBC因此应运而生。 3. ODBC 算是较早期的数据访问库,现在已经过时, 但还偶有用处, 看下面图片: 下面是其wiki描述: "In computing, ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) is a standard C programming language interface for accessing database management systems (DBMS).

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It was developed by the SQL Access Group in 1992 to standardize the use of a DBMS by an application.

ODBC provides a universal middleware layer between the application and DBMS, allowing the application developer to use a single interface.

-Click on start -Click on search -Select all files and folders -Where all or part of the file name type -Double click on my Computer -Double click on Local Disc C -Double click on Program Files -Double click on Commom files -Double click on Softline Pastel -Click on start…-In the command file type regsvr32 -drag the file from Softline Pastel folder and place it after the 32 (ensure that there is a space after the 32) -click on OK -Insert the Pastel CD -Explore the CD -Double click on the Util folder -Double click on the Other Folder -Double click on pastelcomp9-Wait till black screen disappears open Pastel again, if the error persists then rename the Pastel or Xpress folder to and reinstall Pastel The Receipting add-on module is a specialised module that lets you enter data once in order to process and print receipts. Once you are ready, the system moves the receipts into the cash book for you.

You use this module for clubs, schools, and other organisations, where you collect monies from members, students, and customers, to whom you provide receipts.

Single Language editions are great for casual users with a single web site to manage.

They share many of the advanced features of the professional editions.

A: Yes, the license allows for transferring the installation from one location to another.

Don't forget to restart the tool after successful registration.

Click on Install and select Next Click on Personal / Non Commercial use, on the Team Viewer Setup screen. Don’t enter password and select Next Click Finish on the next screen. Go to the Team Viewer icon on your desktop and double click Wait for the ID number and password to appear.

In some cases, you may experience a problem with your Pastel 2007 package and you may need to be sent the Reset Utility. Once you receive the file(s), follow the appropriate steps to download and run the utility.

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