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First of all, we should set up the caption; use these steps to create the label with parentheses: Step 1: From the References menu, click Insert Caption; pop up the dialog box below Step 2: Select New Label, type an opening parenthesis in the Label box. Step 3: In the Caption box, type a space to the right of the number. Step 2: Click on the ruler, then drag the symbol to the right edge of the page Step 3: Insert the equation before the caption.

Type a closing parenthesis then click OK to insert an equation caption Note:After you have created the new caption format, you can insert additional captions by repeating the step3. Press the TAB key to move the caption to the right edge of the page. Is there any easy way to insert a right aligned caption next to equation? After you have installed Kutools for Word, you can easily insert a right aligned caption next to equation. When the Advanced Caption Options dialog popping up, under Equation Caption, type a “(” in the Prefix field, and “)” in the Suffix field. Note: you can change the prefix and suffix according to what you need.3.

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Click the "References" tab and then select "Insert Caption" in the Captions group.

Adjust the automatically filled figure label as necessary. Right-click the highlighted text and then select "Update Field" to update all figure numbers.

(Creating a data source will be covered in another how to).

You will click on a confirmation screen verifying your data source (I used an Excel spread sheet that I had imported from Access) and get to Mail Merge Recipients window.

Of course you will want to select what you have, Avery is the most popular in business from my experience.

If you have oddball labels you can always choose custom settings as well. Now you are going to want to choose your data source. Use Explorer to find the data source you want to use and double click it.

Manually insert a right aligned caption next to an equation with Tab Quickly insert a right aligned caption next to equation with Kutools for Word Normally, we can insert a right aligned caption next to an equation with Tab.

But this method is very complicated which is a little difficult for us to understand.

In the Mail Merge menu on the right under Select document type, select Labels. Here I am using Avery 4013 on a Dot Matrix printer.

This will bring up a menu allowing you to select the brand and style of the labels you want to print.

Here you can change the order of your information, delete certain users, and validate information. Now we can choose the order of the data we want presented on the labels we are creating.

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