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NOLOGGING PARALLEL; It's taking the same time (if it's not, send me a test case, because I was not able to reproduce it).

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You must update all the elements at once - that is, replace the varray.

Here's a tip to do it even faster: use the UNUSABLE feature, which puts the definition of the index in the data dictionary and also allocates the necessary segments without creating a usable index. The author responds to the comment by Dave K: This is not a critical error -- it's a syntax or typo error, though it is a good catch.

It is neither recommend, supported nor a very good idea. Anyway, thanks, - Mark select * from dual; D - X Statistics -------------------------------- 0 db block gets 0 consistent gets I'd like to know why Oracle hasn't exposed the "fast dual access" to us mere mortals.

For example, if you create your own dual table (as an IOT) you get down to 1 get - maybe our good friends at Oracle could do this for us?

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We can make many strange things happen in Oracle by updating the data dictionary. The advantage to dual is the optimizer understands dual is a special one row, one column table -- when you use it in queries, it uses this knowledge when developing the plan. Why does it contain only one column with datatype varchar2, why not number . DUAL exists solely as a means to have a 1 row table we can reliably select from. but, maybe you could come up with some kind of a weekly challenge? I certainly didn't know the answer to this one until you posed it...

You are not to modify the data dictionary via SQL ever -- wierd things can and will happen -- you are just demonstrating some of them. You don't need to use it, you can use anything you want. The column, its name, its datatype and even its value are NOT relevant. 4do we usually SELECT USER FROM DUAL, why cant I do it like SQL Tom: Not that you don't already have enough to do...

In order to make it usable, of course, you have to REBUILD that index. REBUILD" is faster than CREATE, since REBUILD uses Fast Full Scan (FFS) and CREATE uses Full Table Scan (FTS). My intention was to show the process of speeding up index creation by first creating an index with UNUSABLE and later to REBUILD that index. writes: The UNUSABLE option in the CREATE INDEX statement is not supported on 8i.

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