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And of course glossy (or matte) black or white always works. You don’t want those getting all gunked up with spray paint. Apply two or three super-thin and even coats of spray primer followed by three or four just-as-thin-and-even coats of spray paint (we used Gloss Purple by Rust-Oleum’s Painter’s Touch).

If you know how to use a can of Aquanet (point, shoot, and always keep that can moving), you can use spray paint (same exact premise—just keep that can in motion, baby). After paint dries fully, bribe an electrically savvy friend to come hang it for you or look up a nice video tutorial on You Tube.

We purchased the Rodeo Collection Round Twelve Light Chandelier from Lamps Plus almost 10 years ago.

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During their five years of blogging, they also created the ultimate DIY project, daughter Clara, now 2K, and Burger the Chihuahua also joined the clan.

They shared it all on younghouse — the good, the bad, the had-to-DIY-it-over.

This is the same paint that I used all over my kitchen and on my bathroom faucet.

I like it because it creates a brushed nickel finish rather than a chrome silver finish.

When I bought this, I was in my Italian phase and it went perfectly with my large trestle table and hand-carved Mexican leather chairs.

But in recent years, I’ve started adding more delicate touches to my home and suddenly, this fixture seemed a bit out-of-place in my dining room.(You’re basically just turning off the power and connecting the wires in the same way that you disconnected them from the previous light fixture.) You can also always hire an electrician to do the work for an additional to 0.SPRAY-PAINTING TIPS • Skip the cheap stuff in favor of the - quality paint.We have a large chandelier in our dining room that I love, but decided that it wasn’t exactly my style.Since I still like the chandelier and it works just fine, I didn’t want the expense of buying and installing something new, especially when a small DIY project was all that was needed!This past weekend, I came across a brassy little lantern chandelier at the thrift store.

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