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This leaves both child and its family with traumatizing challenges and a significant financial burden.

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This clear lightweight cannula with unique one piece anatomical design eliminates the need for flap which can cause irritation. Over the ear style head set ensures secure positioning, allowing freedom of movement.

Hidden beneath her clothing, a feeding tube has helped deliver essential nutrients to Paige Stuntz for the first two years of her life.

Now the antibiotics I take also give me a bad stomach and headaches etc Feel worse than ever.

Have tried the various breathing techniques , yawning etc none of it works.

Born with cleft lip and palate, Paige had difficulty feeding after birth and required a nasal feeding tube.

Before she left the neonatal intensive care unit at 1 month old, she was switched to a gastrostomy tube that her parents could maintain on their own.“That was what allowed us to go home,” said her mother, Ann Stuntz of Waukee.Neither parent knew much about feeding tubes initially.“Everything we learned was from the nurses in the NICU before we went home,” she said.“We had no training or experience before our daughter was born. Neither one of us have any medical experience whatsoever.”Paige is one of an estimated half-million children and adults using a feeding tube in the United States.Two years later, Paige only uses the feeding tube a few times a week for supplemental hydration.Stuntz said there was a bit of a learning curve, but the family has managed well.You are personally and fully responsible for payment of any medical equipment or supplies you purchase from this website.


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