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star does agree their new love is way too publicized, she also has some surprising thoughts about Hiddleswift's future and T. She finally found what she needs: safe, sexy and seen.""Do you think she's being insensitive to Calvin? "So what that communicates to me is that her relationship with Calvin expired, which a very adult way to go about the end of a relationship."So does house seeing Swift and Hiddleston's relationship going the long haul?

Maybe she's not going about it the right way, but I do feel like this is authentic.

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And we happened to be at a restaurant at a wrong time having dinner," she told Refinery29.

Taylor Swift has stepped well and truly out of the spotlight in recent months, in an effort to concentrate on her new music.

Between adding and dividing the amount of time a star was with each of their confirmed — emphasis on "confirmed"— significant others, and examining their five most recent relationships, we were able to determine just how long these celebs' suitors typically last (i.e. There was a yearlong hiatus when she substituted male arm candy with approximately 30,000 famous #girlsquad members, and then there was that yearlong span when she actually stuck with DJ/literal giant Calvin Harris. We forget that before Tom Brady snatched her up, he was engaged(!!!

The latter definitely brought up the group average, and this new guy is treading steadily on the rough Swiftian seas. ) to Gisele Bündchen for several years, and stayed with Bar Refaeli nearly as long.

relationship ended in 2011 (with Susannah Fielding).

But his hunky British demeanor and his dreamy, romantic ways have created a fascination surrounding his love life and, naturally, linked him to several different ladies throughout the years.

But it seems she has also started up a new romance, with rising British actor Joe Alwyn.

The pair have managed to keep their relationship secret for a few months now.

"The first script had both of us shirtless in separate scenes," Stamos explained. It got rewritten." "I've had so much shirtless in my life that I need a little break," Lautner said, eluding to his frequent appearances sans shirt in the Twilight franchise.

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