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So, we got to sing together, which was a big moment for me, but, no, we never went out.”So scratch Eddie Redmayne off the list of Taylor Swift’s 2012 celebrity dates.

That list does include Conor Kennedy and Harry Styles, though.

April 7th 2012 - The boys tease Harry about Taylor in an interview with MTV (x)April 16th 2012 - Harry is asked about Taylor in another interview (x)April 22nd 2012 - Harry is photographed kissing Emma Ostilly and the rumors regarding Harry and Taylor come to a stop.

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Oh, and we have to return to the , which means it’s about time for the artist to drop new music based on the two-year-cycle she’s followed since her first album in 2006.

Swifties have been holding their breath, convinced that the singer will surprise us, Beyoncé style, with new music before the end of 2016.

One of Dianna’s good friends Chris Benz brought a friend named Jimmy James along, and Jimmy had been tweeting that night.

Dinner at Otto - April 7th, 2012Dianna was in NYC that weekend because she was on the View that Monday, but it’s still unknown as to why Taylor was there as well. Dianna on Jimmy Kimmel - April 12th, 2012Dianna denied the love triangle between her, Taylor, and Tim Tebow.

Dianna meets Andrea at Il Pastaio - March 30th, 2012Taylor is the only one papped leaving, but Dianna was noted to have been there in this article.

Kids’ Choice Awards and Dianna’s House Party - March 31st, 2012Taylor attended the Kids’ Choice Awards, but instead of heading to an after party, Taylor went to Dianna’s house.

You will be manipulative your whole life and rely heavily on fake tans for your self-confidence.

You will be completely unequipped to comfort your inevitably chubby daughter (because Karma is a bitch) when she comes home from school having been teased for her belly rolls. By the hot dude in your class having Taylor Swift as his girlfriend, you are guaranteed to age gracefully into self-assured woman who doesn’t think she’s the end-all-and-be-all but has had enough therapy to know that if a man doesn’t have the decency to buy her dinner first, she should kick his ass to the curb.

They were spotted hanging out backstage October 12th 2012 - The boys get asked whether Taylor invited one of them to dinner after a show. (x) On this day he gets the “Things I can” and “Things I can’t” tattoos after Taylor says this: November 29th 2012 - Taylor attends the ARIA Awards where she asks Temper Trap, the band, to write down the lyrics to one of their songs: “Sweet Disposition” because Harry had some lyrics from this song tattooed to his arm and Taylor thought the lyrics on his arm were wrong so she wanted to prove it.

December 4th 2012 - Harry is seen leaving Taylor’s hotel in the morning wearing the gray t-shirt he’s holding in the picture above, Taylor following behind.

You will not be able to pen drunken late night Tumblr rants defending the decision to cast Maggie Gyllenhaal in the because wouldn’t we as a society rather see someone with acting chops rather than big tits in that role.


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