Taylor lautner dating selena gomez

According to , The Weeknd's "always had a thing for Selena." He thinks she is "extremely talented and sexy," E! "They recently started talking before the holidays but she has been on his radar before ...

Selena Gomez, 23 is known to have an interesting love life with greater twists than even a roller coaster.

Something must be cooking between Selena and her ex Taylor Lautner, who is also 23 years old. The pair was spotted at a restaurant called “The Nice Guy” on September 4.

WATCH: Selena Gomez Takes One Sexy Shower in Sultry ' Good For You' Video "She's incredible and very open and she just makes me open," Gomez gushed.

"She's so fun and she's just extremely adventurous, and sometimes I just want that in my life." Delevingne helped Gomez celebrate her 22nd birthday last year on a yacht in St.

When asked whether her gay BFFs get jealous of the hotties she's dated -- Nick Jonas, Justin Bieber and Taylor Lautner -- the "Same Old Love" singer admitted just how much they get a kick out of her love life. For more on Gomez's dating life -- including why you won't find her on Tinder -- check out the video below.

In 2008, Selena suddenly becomes besties with Nick Jonas; someone who she stole from Miley Cyrus as we learned here. Justin’s fame stars getting serious as he releases Baby that comes a top 5 hit and sells about 4 million in the US (and then goes on to become diamond certified of 12x platinum later on). Back to what I was saying, so irrelevant to the point where the people who attend her concerts, know her because of Justin.

American Actress and Singer best known for her role as Alex on the television series Wizards of Waverly Place tv series and songs such as "The Heart Wants What It Wants" and "Come and Get It".

In film she can be seen in Monte Carlo , Another Cinderella Story and Spring Breakers.

Hollywood has did a detailed story of what might be possibly going on between the two.

A source told exclusively to the magazine that Gomez actually enjoyed a night out with her friends from her church.

She was definitely not with Taylor though the latter had been in the same restaurant at the same time and they did say hello to each other. She had a few drinks and some appetizers and did not go wild.

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