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That’s why it’s so important that when you do enter university you know exactly what your goals and future aims are.”Anelisa Onceya, a BA social sciences student at Fort Hare University, echoed this, but with a special word of warning for women: “You’ll have freedom like you’ve never had before. Finding a balance Siobhan Swart, an international relations student at Stellenbosch University, found that striking a balance between studying and socialising was “quite challenging” in her first year: “The workload is large and your social life becomes even larger than at school,” she said.

You need some healthy food as well – a few bits of fresh fruit and veg will do the trick. University provides the time and opportunity to try new sports and activities – and it’s a good way to meet new people.

There’s only so much nutrition you can extract from Dave’s doner van. If you’ve already missed the Fresher’s Fair, just have a look at your university’s student union pages online. As well as being a good laugh, they’ll also be handy for listing on your CV when it comes time to go job-hunting.

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I know you recently did a post on dating someone making less money/having more time, and I really enjoyed it.

A crime of the second degree is generally punishable by a term of imprisonment of five to 10 years, or a fine of up to $150,000, or both, the bill states.

Gusciora, who attempted to pass a similar measure in 2015, said with more students graduating high school at a later age, along with special needs students who need more years in school, this bill can criminalize “disproportionate” relationships between teacher and student, regardless of age.

Under the measure from Assemblyman Reed Gusciora, D-Mercer, if a school employee or volunteer has sex a student under the age of 20, the perpetrator would be guilty of second-degree sexual assault — even if the student consents.

Currently, New Jersey law applies to teacher relationships with children under the age of 18.

Our resumes mirror each other’s in a lot of ways, and I can’t help but feel the tension sometimes.


  1. In the Morning in SCCM 2012, I observed Hour Glass on the collection after adding members for almost 3 hours. Now it is 2 hours and the two machines do not show up when double clicked on the collection.

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