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I’m nothing if not adaptable, so I vowed to do it differently this year.

Driving down the 405 from LA, where I had a day at the Getty that I’ll chronicle in an upcoming piece, I near-chanted to myself that I’d take it easy. There was plenty of time to think, as the traffic was thick as Thanksgiving gravy, despite the late hour.

Only then, when it was almost done, did I give a public lecture in which I bared my soul to a crowded room.

(Yes, even more nakedly than I do here each week, if you can believe it.) In the end, I had a bad series of interactions with a fellow artist, and labeled him a “dick” in this forum. Honestly, he stopped talking to me over it, though we’ve since patched things up.

by Jonathan Blaustein Last year, when I went to visit the Medium Festival of Photography, I practically leaked energy.

I stayed out drinking, chatted with every possible person, dispensed advice incessantly, and worked through my portfolio review breaks.There is a shop on site that offers gifts and necessities.There is also a restaurant located on the property, with outdoor waterfront seating.Posted: , Author: Jilomimu Add a Pin, report, advertisement.Willing sex partners and swingers wanting sex dating in kirkland illinois discreet naughty fun.I didn’t arrive at the Lafayette Hotel until pm, which I assumed made me the last reviewer there. The reviewer across the hall showed up at am, and woke me with a closing door.

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