extramarital speed dating - Shin hye sung dating

Celebrities maintain a close guard over their personal life, making it a big mystery.

A source close to Jung Hye Sung even revealed the rumored couple loved to date secretly even if it was only eating together inside a car.

The source proceeded to reveal only a few close friends know about it, and they've been keeping it a secret as well.

"The fact that two of them are dating is super secret.

I was surprised she was dating him and not Gong Myung.

Koreaboo cited several sources claimed that the actress and B1A4 member have been seeing each other for quite sometime now.

Although the two have decided to keep their alleged romance under wraps, some of their closest friends reportedly knew about the relationship.

More than these statements, their lovey-dovey moments in the program have left the shippers guessing about the real deal between the two artists.

However, all speculations were crushed when Jung Hye Sung was recently mired in dating controversy with Gongchan.

Eric: None Minwoo: My confession of love Dongwan: Let’s fall in love Hyesung: Let’s be in love forever Junjin: I love you Andy: You are M.

Jung Hye Sung and Gong Myung have been portrayed as a cute, lovey-dovey couple on "We Got Married", leading everyone to believe they may have developed their on-screen romance to real life.

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