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Our intentions are very important when we try to decide about dating someone.We have to make sure that we have sincere intentions and also have mutual intentions with the one we are dating.Some scams are perpetrated by one or two individuals.

So I understand that, but I don’t have the impulse like, “Oh, I’ve never played this kind of Scottish drug addict ... So every movie I’ve done I have a particular song I keep going back to that puts me in the right emotional place.

For it was the Pixies’ “Gouge Away,” for whatever reason.

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Interestingly, 84 percent of the men surveyed had a preference when it came to a woman's pubic hair, but only 9 percent would end a date or sex because of a women's grooming habits -- so they must not care The survey was conducted on Ask from May 28- June 1, 2015. The age breakdown was as follows: Under 18 (1.77 percent), between 18-24 (21.91 percent), between 25-34 (32.6 percent), between 35-44 (21.91 percent), between 45-64 (20.10 percent) and over 65 (1.71 percent).

We wrap ourselves up in dreams, fairytales and illusions, imagining lives we only wish we could have.

Pubic hair: Love it or hate it, we all have it -- unless we've removed it. Though men's grooming habits are slowly becoming part of the pubic hair conversation, it's women's grooming routines that are most often under the microscope.

There’s a lot of tension in that, and a lot of stuff to play with — where it’s uncomfortable and awkward and sad and scary.

If something scares you, is that a good sign you should do it? The interesting thing about acting is using all your own stuff and having some kind of personal catharsis while you’re working. If I have to cry in an audition I’m like, “Okay, let me see what I can do.” But when I’m working, I always have an i Pod with me, and it usually turns out that one particular song will become my theme song.

At The Huffington Post, we're firm believers that everyone should groom (or not groom) for themselves, no matter what anyone else thinks.


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