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He humiliated her by posting sexual images of her on the internet and sending them to her relatives, including her mother, and friends.Sentencing Varma, Sheriff Daniel Kelly QC told him: ‘What has emerged in this case is that over a year you entered into some sort of a relationship with a girl who was initially aged 14 and then turned 15 when you were 41.Our registrars will help you register a death as simply and easily as possible.

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We cannot register a death which did not take place in Scotland.

There are five Registration Offices in South Lanarkshire.

There are many benefits on going on a date with a female bisexual escort.

If you are a guy, then there is nothing like the ego boost of having two girls on your arm. Then again, the same can be said if you are a woman.

Furthermore, […] It is 6.45am on a glacial morning in early March.

The streets of Glasgow are still and silent, the city only just beginning to wake up.A death is normally registered by a relative or close friend of the deceased but anyone can register a death as long as they know details about the death and have the necessary documents.You will need to bring along the death certificate, birth certificate, marriage certificate (where applicable) and, if possible, the deceased person's medical card.A burger bar boss has been jailed after admitting having sex with an underage girl and conducting a stalking campaign against her.Ajay Varma, 43, pleaded guilty to terrorising his victim and her family – as well as posting naked pictures of the 14-year-old on Facebook.He appeared at Hamilton Sheriff Court where he admitted having sex with the girl at the takeaway and elsewhere on various occasions between June 2015 and May last year when she was aged 14 and 15.


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  5. Licensed counselor Christine Keyser shared a few of her favorite do's and don'ts when it comes to dating. Discouragement sometimes comes from: lack of clarity, negative internal sources (what we tell ourselves) and negative external sources (what others tell us), and not knowing the simple dos and don`ts of dating. Discouragement stems from a lack of clarity (unclear goals and purposes): • Is your goal to find a temporary playmate or committed relationship? • Do look your best and improve appearance, if necessary. • Do ask your therapist to help you build communication skills and healthy self-esteem.

  6. Goldstein and team then arrange an hour-long screening over coffee before making introductions to a client. A big problem is not connecting with someone who has a mutual goal of being in a serious relationship. We also tackle tough questions that are uncomfortable to ask on a first date: Do you want kids? We also dive into dating history: What worked in your past, what didn’t?

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