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Too many members with no filter can result in either hours of swiping to find someone you fancy, or hundreds of messages in your inbox that you’ll never have time to read.

Unlike other popular apps, Whats App doesn't maintain a status page to alert users to when it is broken.

It has a Twitter account intended for doing so but hasn't used it since 2014, despite having more than two million follows.

People are unable to send or receive chats or even load up conversations, according to users.

And there doesn't seem to be any easy way of fixing the issue, which is affecting many of its users and is likely a problem with its servers.

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The first chapter of Grand Theft Auto IV begins in Broker, Liberty City, where you take missions from Roman Bellic, Little Jacob and a group of hardcore Eastern European characters.

During this chapter, Niko reveals his motivations for coming to Liberty City.

The Cousins Bellic It's Your Call Three's a Crowd Bleed Out First Date Easy Fare Bull in a China Shop Hung Out to Dry Clean Getaway Ivan the Not So Terrible Jamaican Heat Uncle Vlad Concrete Jungle Crime and Punishment Do You Have Protection?

However, they do have a live help service at their homepage to talk you through joining.


  1. You might be wondering why a fitness date is more fun than a typical activity like meeting for coffee.

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