Rihanna dating asap

But not to be beaten, Rihanna shocked in a colourful outfit covered in 3-D flowers that covered her body.

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Cara Delevingne decorated her shaved head, painting it silver and studding it with glitter.

While Katy Perry donned a bright red gown, complete with sheer panels, a veil and a ten foot train.

Scantily Clad Rihanna Parties in Native Barbados (PHOTO) Although the two looked very comfortable kissing each other on the set of their video, it's also possible that they're just really, really, really good actors.

A$AP, 24, is reportedly dating Victoria's Secret model , while 25-year-old Rihanna has been playing the field.

Kendall Jenner and A$AP Rocky are continuing to fuel romance rumors!

The 21-year-old model – whose controversial Pepsi commercial was recently pulled – and the 28-year-old rapper were spotted finishing up an Italian dinner at C London restaurant earlier this week in London, England.We don't know about you guys, but a pair that's "just friends" usually doesn't share spit!If you watched the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards earlier this month, chances are you caught Rihanna's opening performance.And at one point, she went right into the remix of "Cockiness," which features guest vocals from A$AP Rocky.He would eventually hit the stage, spit his rhymes, and as you can see above, grab Ri Ri's butt.The pair were spotted acting friendly on camera, but once the director yelled cut, Ri Ri and A$AP went off to share a suspicious cigarette, and gave the street a show by making out!


  1. Body Language is a significant aspect of modern communications and relationships.

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  3. (FYI: Simons' prior post was the creative director for the just-sold Christian Dior for three and a half years and countless red-carpet hits.) Staying true to the clean, tailored Calvin Klein aesthetic, Simons dressed Jackson in a simple black cutout gown from the Appointment label for the event.

  4. If they can stay on this track, the momentum they’re building will likely be enough to overtake their competition and make them the new head honcho’s.

  5. The rage and passion he must feel while actually killing someone is fascinating to me." * The man who offended (and mystified) his date by saying, "I shower four times a day.

  6. Just look at how many people seeking dates or mates are flocking to matchmaking sites and apps.

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