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About Kosås Beauty, Art Science Kosås makes beauty products for thoughtful and refined women. We’re inspired by the natural beauty we see in every woman — and celebrate it with pigments that complement all skin tones and ingredients that enhance the natural features of the face.We expect our products to perform, because we are for women whose lives are rich and full and who want to look like their best self for all the precious moments in life — at meetings, on dates, at dinner parties, on picnics, on planes and everywhere in between.Get over it: To eliminate the “ick” factor, always buy your fresh fish the day you’re planning to serve it.

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The seller mentions it was special-ordered when new, and it makes me wonder what that translates to in the trucking world.

I doubt it had to do with interior features and far more to do with whatever its intended use was going to be once delivered.

Kosås lip colors are made by hand, blending science and art to produce super natural performance color, with smooth finishes, even textures, and balanced hues.

Kosås is made with love in Los Angeles, CA by founder, mother, and cosmetic connoisseur, Sheena Yaitanes.

Cooking fish on the bone provides better flavor and helps to keep the meat tender, but if you want the easiest option, skip whole fish and reach for the fillets.

As for cooking, just remember these three numbers: 8, 10, and 400.

Once the tail curls, quickly toss the animal in a stockpot filled with boiling water, put the lid on, and “don’t look back! If you’d rather instantly kill the lobster, take the point of your knife and insert it right behind its antennae before cooking. “Whole fish tends to gross some people out when there’s an eyeball staring at you,” says Allen.

There are also bones to deal with, as well as scales and even guts, if you caught the fish yourself.

Get over it: If you want to punt on the “murder” thing, stock up on frozen lobster tails.

“Lobster may be the only food where the end user is expected to do the killing,” says Allen.

That’s a part of this working girl’s history I’d love to know more about.


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