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Marriage/working BDboard is needed for QA (no need to do button toggle for dehash btw), install packages and running games, and solving it: You will need a married blu ray logic board to complete METHOD 1 in Chapter 2. Part 1 Install your e3 flashercorrectly intsall I am going to assume everyone knows how to install there flasher. If you do not know how to install your flasher correctly go here.Also will need it if you follow METHOD 3 and have to continue with Chapter 2 Part 2 "Qa Flag"You can check to see the lowest firmware by using the Minimal Downgrade Version Check PUP file. PUP and place in a folder named UPDATE, then place that in a folder named PS3, and put on the root of your flash drive. Make sure to tape the clip down to your nor chip and where it connects to the e3 card.

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Here is some important information that you should read.

Some things in this spoiler may seem scattered, but need to be read.

The reasons are endless, but if considering your console was working fine before attempting to downgrade you should start backwards.

The only way to keep the console running is grounding the Tristate (If it already is try grounding it elsewhere). From here the console will stay in a blank state and you will be able to re-write or re-dump/re-patch your dump to attempt a recovery.

Gardez toutefois en tête qu'aucune application ne permet de valider un dump avec un taux d'erreur nul !

Bw E NOR Validator peut donc vous indiquer qu'un dump est valide alors qu'il ne l'est pas, ou inversement.

Solving this resolves around re-flashing the patched dump as it could have simply failed at the writing stage.

If you have for some reason lost your original dump you can simply make a dump of what you have now and patch it again (This may or may not work, depending on the initial cause of the soft-brick).

Another suggestion would be to remove either the ground or 3.3v lead/s from your HW flasher.


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