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The issue is that if you buy the game new, and you put it into a PS3 where you've never played the game on before, it's gonna download the patch FIRST before installing the data, which will put you into a download error loop. I used this method by born2destroy and got it on 1st try: " I have never had this update problem however a fix that worked for most people was this. Then, you can try to access the online multiplayer, at which point the game will prompt you to log into the PSN, and the update prompt appears again. There will be one last stage of installing data, which will take some time. - Play Station Forum And like I said was wrote by born2destroy I hope it works for you ^ this This worked perfectly first time for me.The 1.05 patch won't download for some users - you need to install the game data FIRST on a PS3. I bought this game new in April of this year for 9.99, and this week as I was playing through in FAMOUS 2 and read the story of the server closure next year, I decided this would be my next one.I keep removing the data in the system data utility and reinstalling it but it keeps stopping at the install screen it sat there for hours and nothing. Ok I know it's not the disc because I can play singleplayer.

The other day I went to play a game and had to do an update.

Near the end I started to get flickering colours and lines all over the place, jumping around, but it continued updating/installing.

"Some have been able to temporarily fix this problem by disabling USB devices and certain drivers, but we realize this is in no way ideal," Ubisoft writes.

I'm starting to hate this game and I haven't even started it.

Below, see Ubisoft's full instructions on how to delete , which has an issue that sends the game to a black screen when it detects external USB devices.

Patch 1.4.0 will launch on Friday, and Ubisoft says it should fix this issue.Parts of it kept going black and white with a checkerboard pattern and it got worse and started taking up more of my screen and it was jumping around.It also flickered a few times and I think at one point it may have been lines.Either way I quit the game and once I'd done that all was fine again.I think it was crackling or making some noise while going funny, but I'm not sure as I was more concerned with quitting the game to try and stop it as it was really bad.(this is also the same without the 1.03 update) This is the UK disc version of the game.


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