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NET AJAX and how to report progress cleanly back to the client.

Let's talk about some of our needs, and how they are solved by ASP. First of all, like we mentioned before the nature of the web is 'disconnected'.

In Android, progress bar is useful to tell user that the task is takes longer time to finish.

Example 2: Display the progress of nested For loops This command displays the progress of a command to find the string "bios" in the System event log.

In the first line of the command, the Get-Event Log cmdlet gets the events in the System log and stores them in the $Events variable.

Like so that the Marque progress bar will work, while the worker function works in the Main thread, and it doesn't return any progress notification. NET magic code to report progress automatically, I just needed a better solution than : If your progress bar is simply spinning until your background task completes, why bother with all the complexity?

Just run an animation on the UI thread: the background task won't block the UI if you launch the background task using any reasonable method. The "main" thread for a Windows Forms application is the GUI thread, which, if it's busy with your long-running method, is not providing visual updates.

html5loader is a j Query plugin that has the ability to preload media files (images, videos, scripts, text files, etc...) from a JSON file with a customizable preloader that displays the loading progress bar/percentage.

A Progress Bar implemented entirely using CSS 3 gradients, shadows, and border-radius, with a touch of animation.Can you have the bar displayed if running more that one module. If your code has no looping done then the Progress bar will not be usable.You could display a static message to the user though, download the example below Display Wait Hi Dave/Andy Thanks for your replies Dave, I have used the Display Wait Message quite a lot and i find it comes in very handy with fairly short code.In the second line, the events are piped to the For Each-Object cmdlet.Before processing begins, the Clear-Host cmdlet is used to clear the screen, the $I counter variable is set to zero, and the $out output variable is set to the empty string. I am having some issues with the End Invoke, though that's not the question.


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