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Be aware that your attitude about adoption will show in your answers.

How you respond can set an example as to how your child may choose to answer these questions in the future.

We start with how well or not their life is working out without medication? Do they believe they can have a different life in recovery?

Do they have fears about giving up certain aspects of the illness (like mania/hypomania)?

I’m the first one to say this usually isn’t possible; however, today I’m talking with CEO and Medical Director Dr.

Kim Dennis from Timberline Knolls (a sponsor) about bipolar disorder without medication.

In accordance with the Controlled Substance Monitoring Act of 2002, the Tennessee Board of Pharmacy established a database to monitor the dispensing of Schedules II, III, IV & V controlled substances.

Data collection began for all dispensers on December 1, 2006.

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Healthcare practitioners or persons under the supervision and control of the practitioners, pharmacists or pharmacies who are legally authorized to dispense a schedule II, III, IV or V controlled substance are required to submit certain data to the CSMD.

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