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Paigion went on to make a total of 11 appearances on BET's 106 & Park as a correspondent.

Bow Wow’s mom Teresa (who LOVES the idea of the two of them getting back together) retweeted the photo with an added smiley face!

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From what we hear these two are extremely close, so much so that it could become a problem.

It seems like a no-brainer that Bow and Paigion would just stop messing around — but this is Bow Wow we’re talking about remember?

While Angela was at the show and the two were catching up, they were also spotted having drinks and getting massages at New York City’s “Stone Rose Lounge”, but no funny business, this was just strictly friends hanging out!

” This week we reported that Angela Simmons and Bow Wow have been giving it another go. In anycase, it seems safe to say these four won’t be going on double dates anytime soon. No wonder this kid can’t graduate beyond puppy love.

My parents placed me in a lot of different programs growing up in order to help me develop my skills further.

I wanted to go to Howard University and expand on it.

Our source who works on the set of "106 & Park" tells us that last month when Angela Simmons did her first co-hosting stint, it was BET's idea to bring her back (after she was a recent guest) to test out her co-hosting skills with Bow Wow.

Shortly after, BET extended an offer to host their annual Notarized New Year's Eve video countdown show alongside Shorty da Prince.

Shorty da Prince: I’ve actually brought one of the features from the Detroit show to 106th already. We’ve done it a couple times where I have people call in and name five things in 10 seconds.


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