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Jeden z mých pacientů z Athletic Performance Center se ukázal jako člověk s vážnou kyfózou a nejhorším případem zánětu šlach v ramenou, jakého jsem kdy viděl.

Tento 40-tiletý muž trénoval čtyři dny v týdnu a měl tělo, jako někdo o polovinu mladší.

It's a great exhibition, perhaps because it's in a very 'Art Deco' city, perhaps because it has a mixture of 'high' and 'low' art, utilitarian but beautiful objects and industrial design, as well as the usual suspects in the decorative arts.

Certainly there were some remarkably cheap-looking objects, for all the world like jelly-baby jewellery, which turned out to be by Cartier.

Jako bonus vám nebudou říkat „Quasi“ nebo Igore, což vždy potěší!

Nechte mě vám říci příběh o tom, jak může kyfóza negativně ovlivnit vaše posilování.

(He makes some good points, but the 'noble antecedents' of Bauhaus are bull.) Whatever whittering critics may say it's a popular exhibition, having been put together by the Victoria & Albert Museum in the UK, and been put on show at the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto and two other venues in the USA.

However it's not a complete 'import' as in Canada and Australia a great effort was clearly made to include local material, some of which was very rare (such as an Australian collectors' badge from the original Paris Presumably the risks of retro-industrial espionage loomed large.

This southern form of Buddhism, the Theravada, was from the period of the Asoka's missions to the island kingdom(s).

Set in HTML by the staff of TIL and edited by U Kyaw Tun, M. What the southern Myanmarpr had received was from Sri Lanka across the Bay of Bengal.

The IWM says here:'Profilo Continuo' was made in 1933, or Year Eleven of the new era, dating from Mussolini's march on Rome in 1922.

At least two other terracotta copies of the head exist but it is not known how many were made. Bertelli had also become interested in Futurist ideas and the theories of F T Marinetti during the 1920s and the head embodies their passion for machines, speed and power.

But it also has a disconcerting effect of not quite being able to get a decent view of the face - just the profile.

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