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For Matt's list of numbered/official episodes see Friends of Foamy Official Episodes (goes up to 181). There is also an alphabetical list including various rants & specials. Foamy: The Amityville toaster, Make breakfast spooky.

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(Germaine is sitting on a perk bench with a black guitar in hand.

She plays through out the cartoon, accompaniing Foamy's singing.

You just build to destroy while I Collect some nuts.

That’s right, cross the street so you don’t have to deal with me. Cadaveric Spasm | Foamy Fan Mail XIV | A Scene from a Poetry Tour | Left in Charge | Western Zen | Academic Alert | Motivational Posters | Cruelty Free | You Boob-Tube | Escort Mission | Online Shopping | Lecture | Social Network Of Idiots | Word Games | Game Trade-Ins | Unreal Estate | Best Thing Ever | Creative Cremation | Foamy Fan Mail XIII | Go Green | Zip Codes | Fat Idols | Eaters Anonymous | Comics and Movies | Subliminal Cut | Fashions | Muffin Massacre | Achievements | It's A Bald World After All | A Change of Face | Tech Support V | Bastardized Musicals | The Big Game | A Woman's Deceit | A Missing Element | Picture Imperfect | An Original Idea | Political Shifty | Book Binding | Foamy Fan Mail XII | Black Hollywood | Forum Bore 'Em | Telekinetic Pornography | People Bacon | Gummie Bear Graveyard | Door Holding & Baby Brigaders | Horror Flick Chicks | Restaurants 2 | Child Proof Caps | Cow-Mouflage | Cell Phones & Car Ads 2 | Nextdoor Neighbor | New Used | Squirrel Songs V | People Pissing Me Off | Conspire to Rewire | Indie Film | Math Metal | Cereal Box Prize | Hammers & Floodlights | Mini Marts | Caffeine Conspiracy | Coffee Flavors | Black Magic Metal | Walkie Talkie | A-Gore-Aphobia | Gym Teachers | Foamy Fan Mail XI | Car Wash | Death | Hot Enough For Ya?

The animated series is mainly located on the Ill Will Press homepage (in addition to numerous external websites), while the comic book series is being sold in the Ill Will Press shop (in issue and paperback form) through stores such as Cafe Press and Amazon.

When Mathers began hosting the videos on You Tube he titled the episodes Foamy the Squirrel rather than Neurotically Yours, though this title is still retained on the Ill Will Press website.

She strums a few chords, then Foamy pops up.) Foamy: Attention all!

I am here today, to sing for my supper, and, collect money. What I’m doing here today, everyone, is taking donations to build, the grandest monument, to the Lord and Master, me.

As of August 3, 2014, there are 348 official Neurotically Yours episodes.

They are generally updated once every two weeks, a fact which is often mentioned in the episodes, or in strange coincidences such as "It takes two weeks for the spell to work." Series, such as Foamy Fan Mail and Foamy's Rant periodically come out of these episodes.

Some dates are added prior to this point in time based on the history of this wiki under Site updates/new.

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