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[Edit 3/6/2017]: Information in this post has been added to our official Nano Server documentation on Tech Net which is more current: Now that the Cumulative Update for Windows Server 2016 was released on September 26, 2016 (KB3192366), some people have been asking what's the best way to install this and future cumulative updates on Nano Server?We wanted to provide some additional details on the various options available for installing these updates.This article tells you how to update the operating system on any version of the following i Pod models: NOTE: A version of these instructions would apply to the i Pod mini, too, but since that device is so old that likely almost no one is using it, I'm not accounting for it here RELATED: Learn how to update the operating system on an i Pod touch In some (not very common) cases, you may need to restore your i Pod to factory settings before you can update its software.

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Although I upgraded to the latest version of i Tunes, I still can't fix i Pod not syncing problem on my Windows 10 PC. And if you searched on Google, you may have found this issue happened not only on i Pod touch, but also on some other i Pod, such as i Pod Shuffle, Nano and Classic, and even an i Phone or i Pad. We have posted one article for i Phone users to fix i Tunes won't sync i Phone before, and we think some tips are also be helpful for you to solve this i Pod sync issue.

Don't Miss: How to Fix i Tunes Error -54 To fix i Pod won't sync issue, you may search online for help. You May Like: How to Transfer Music from Computer to i Pod with/without i Tunes Actually some i Tunes alternatives can do the job to sync songs from i Tunes to i Pod when your i Tunes won't work.

Then read this article for step-by-step instructions on how to restore your i Pod.

28, 2017] Question: " My i Pod won’t sync with i Tunes anymore. It's a i Pod touch 5 generation in i OS 9." When syncing i Pod with i Tunes on your Mac or PC, you may unfortunately go into the situation just like the above question described "i Pod won't sync". Computer authorization and i Cloud music conflicts. Meanwhile, these tips also applying to fix i Pod Shuffle/Classic/Nano won’t sync issue as well.

In general, I try to avoid Apple products when I can, but I do use and enjoy and i Pod Nano for podcasts.

With the recent update to 11.4 I noticed that my podcasts were not refreshing, either on a schedule or on-demand.

Visit the Microsoft Update Catalog to download each of these update packages: After downloading the files from the Microsoft Update Catalog, save them to a network share or local directory such as C:\Servicing Packages.

You can rename the files based on their KB number as we've done below to make them easier to identify.

Also, you can refer to this guide to see detailed steps: How to Transfer Music from i Tunes to i Pod As you can see, you can use Any Trans to sync your i Pod in an easier and more convenient way.


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