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But Aislinn unfortunately wasn’t confirmed as attending the day’s festivities, and as one half of the show’s most discussed couple, lovingly dubbed “EClare”, this a minor loss.

Especially because also there, glowing in 12-point Helvetica—gasp—Munro Chambers.

Everyone is so close and we usually don’t even go a weekend without hanging out with each other. There’s going to be relationships made and relationships ending. There’s going to be a triangle that will really make it awkward for some of the characters. Since Eli and Clare broke up in the finale, how would Jake’s arrival affect their relationship?

First and foremost, congratulations to Degrassi for the Emmy nomination for Outstanding Children’s Program!

It’s the first nomination for Degrassi after 11 seasons. [Laughs] There’s so many people that everyone are all friends—we all hang out outside of work and I think that’s what makes the dynamic and chemistry between the characters work so well is because we’re all friends. The show I did before this, I got two best friends out of it so it’s kind of the same dynamic as my last show, . Things don’t seem like they ever work out for her so this is actually someone who is pretty good for her. We learned that Fiona is actually a lesbian last season. It’ll be her first real lesbian relationship because before, it was kind of the unrequited love with Holly J, which wasn’t really happening, and then Adam which was kind of a different relationship too.

The Degrassi fame Munro Chambers is an established actor and his caliber in acting just can't be questioned.

But here what we have focused on is, who is his current girlfriend and whether the rumor of his engagement with Annie Clark has any authenticity? Though the Degrassi Star, Munro Chambers, has been mentioned to have experienced a number of relationships previously, he is believed to be single now. However, rumors have been surfacing around that Munro is a gay, but no verification has been made.

She has appeared in The Listener, How to be Indie, Overruled!

Annie graduated from Lawrence Park Collegiate Institute, a high school in Toronto, in 2010.

She got accepted into the University of Toronto on April 25th, 2012, and studying film.

Her former Degrassi co-star Sam Earle and her have a film class together.

The new episodes usher in four new characters: Maya (Olivia Scriven); Tori (Alex Steele); Tristan (Lyle O’Donohoe) and Zig (Ricardo Hoyos).

The cast will already be celebrating in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Minneapolis with screening events, and you get to choose the 5th city! “Underneath It All, Part 1″ premieres Monday, February 20th @ 9PM ET/PT on Teen Nick.

Andrea "Annie" Clark is a Canadian actress and dancer who was born on June 4, 1992. Also she appeared in the movie Not With My Daughter as Abby Eco, co-starring with Erik Knudsen and John Ralston.

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