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However, when it is time to pack up and head back, the reality of repatriation turns out to be not as easy as expected.

As noted in a recent International Herald Tribune article, there is ‘the dark side of expat life’.

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Your true UK Military match will be there to support you through thick and thin while still knowing how to have a great time.

The military might have you traveling the globe, or you may be stationed in one spot.

UKMilitary is a community of UK singles who either work in the UK military or admire those who do.

There's no doubt that joining the military requires some sacrifice.

If so, you deserve a partner with the same level of courage, dedication, and strength that you have.

Finding that partner in between your military duties can be slightly challenging, but online dating makes it easy. Meet fun and exciting Military men and women, and Military admirers who share your personal interests, and lifestyle preferences by utilizing our state of the art dating features, search, and communication tools.USMilitary is the premier Military dating site online, and your official gateway site to the Friends Worldwide Dating Network, the most unique and effective dating network in the world.Nowadays, the young generation gets involved with a globally mobile lifestyle already during their formative years, by planning for university studies and the first valuable working experiences abroad.According to a Unesco report, by 2009 there were 3.4 million students on the move each year, and the number is expected to grow.Today's living quarters are generally attached to a bathroom and an apartment-style kitchen area that two Soldiers share, and some rooms are built with walk-in closets that even have industrial hooks mounted on the wall for military issue gear. Take the virtual tour, which will give you a first-person view of the locations you will visit every day as a Soldier on post.

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