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Because of its ease of manufacture, machining and corrosion resistance, brass became the standard alloy from which were made all accurate instruments such as clocks, watches and navigational aids.

I figured I’d solicit tips from my friends and colleagues, ask for input via Twitter and Facebook, and my story would practically write itself. For a pathetic moment, I wondered whether that’s in a nutshell what single life is all about.

Sitting home alone with my computer and silent phone, waiting.

The census doesn’t reveal whether those single folks are seeking to meet a mate or are single by choice.

But other sources suggest people are choosing to remain single in droves these days.

United States copper production largely comes from deposits in Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Nevada and Montana. Copper is element number 29 on the Periodic Table of Elements.

It is considered a semi-precious, nonferrous, malleable metal with many hundreds of applications in the areas of electricity and electronics, plumbing, building construction and architecture, industry, transportation, and consumer and health products. Currently, there are more than 570 copper alloys listed with the American Society for Testing and Materials International.

It ranks third after iron and aluminum in terms of quantities consumed in the USA.

Known land-based resources of copper are estimated to be 1.6 billion metric tons of copper (USGS, 2004).

Until recently meet-ups remained somewhat underground, like Prohibition-era speakeasies, even though there are thousands of meet-ups in Orlando listed on the site.

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