Mcafee problems updating file definition

If you see any error messages when you try to install Virus Scan, ensure other Anti-Virus products included other versions of Mc Afee are uninstalled.Mc Afee Virus Scan is an antivirus program created and maintained by Intel Security (formerly known as Mc Afee, Inc., and Network Associates prior to that)."Mc Afee apologizes for any inconvenience to our customers." Judging from comments left on Mc Afee support forums, the snafu is causing considerable problems for many customers.

I am thinking if I can download the most current updates (DAT files) on my laptop and manually install them on my desktop so then a resulting scan should be able to find and remove the problem. So is there anyone that can help me with a step-by-step on how to manually install the Mc Afee updates (DATs)? Do I have to delete the old DAT files currently contained in the DAT folder or does that resolve itself when I re-enable the Mc Afee scanner?

My organization has a huge LAN and my team has a VLAN. I do have open port to some share drive which is accessible from VLAN and my plan is get this updated file and then update each PC inside VLAN pointing to that shared location. The version is Mc Afee Virus Scan Engine 8.7 i and I already tried and succeeded by downloading file. Thanks for your reply In terms of achieving the desired result of the virus definitions getting updated . ZIP, and that's where you'd run your nightly scheduled script.- Twisty, thank for you advice, I'm planning to follow your recommendation and use BUT my problem is that I have 20 PC's and I don't want to replace new files in \Mc Afee\Engine on each machine.

It's scheduled to do a Full scan weekly but since it does not have access to corporate location where update file is located it can't use latest file definition. Could I do this from command line because I want it update file at night by scheduled job. However, in terms of which would be easier to distribute to multiple machines I think the . All you'd need is remote access to that folder form the machine where you unzipped the .

Each PC on VLAN has Mc Afee anti-virus software installed. ZIP on one machine, then use a script to copy the unzipped files to the folder on each of the destination machines.

If you have questions or don't see your OS check the FAQ or contact the ITS Help Desk.

* This latest version of Virus Scan includes Mc Afee Agent 5.05.658 and Patch 9.

The infrastructure security head said XP machines running SP 1 and SP 2 were also affected.

"Mc Afee teams are working with the highest priority to support impacted customers and plan to provide an update virus definition file shortly," the statement continued.

EXE file that you will simply run on the workstation to be updated.

If you're using the Mc Afee Super DAT definitions you can script installation of the DATs using these command line switches): /LOGFILE Logs the status into specified file.

If you need to, you can adjust the programs that are blocked.

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