Mcafee 8 0i not updating

I had a meeting with Trend a couple of weeks ago and I’m about to evaluate their stuff.Last week I upgraded a Windows 7 laptop to Windows 8.

Mcafee 8 0i not updating

I went back on Tuesday just to finish off and came across a bit of a weird problem This particular PC didn’t have any anti-virus loads so i installed Virus Scan 8 I configured it to point to a share to check for definition updates and fired it up and got this My initial thought was that i’d enter the UNC details wrong so i checked that and it was fine.

I then realised that if i’d entered the UNC wrong it would have fallen back to the HTTP or FTP repository….something else was going on here!

Windows 10, 8.1, and 8 do not need Mc Afee Virus Scan; they come with a comprehensive anti-virus, anti-malware application built in, called Windows Defender, whose user interface is available through the Control Panel or System Tray.

(This is not the same limited Windows Defender that came with Windows 7; it's like the Microsoft Security Essentials that was available free for home use on for Windows 7 and XP.) Mc Afee Virus Scan 8.8 was not compatible with Windows 8.* until patch level 5, so we do not recommend using Mc Afee Virus Scan at all with Windows 8 or later.

Furthermore, KU Leuven staff members can use the anti-virus software for their PC at home.

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The upgrade process informed me that there were two programs on Windows 7 that were not compatible with Windows 8 and that I was required to remove them to continue the upgrade.

I removed both programs but the installation failed so I had to call Microsoft support.

The updater was having a problem reading the settings I’d put in so was defaulting to the sitelist it previously had.

Since this was clean installation that meant it had nowhere to go! t=141537&page=3 It’s a forum post where someone suggests manually creating a file.

No specific student version, same version as for staff members.


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