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Mary J Blige has since continued to release critically acclaimed albums, each filled with poignant messages of life, love and self-acceptance.

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She often brought her to red carpet events to build her profile; indeed many of the photos on her website are of the two together. He wants her to do well.'Daily reached out to Blige's reps for comment.

'It was more like one of those things where you end up believing what you want to believe. Last week TMZ reported the singer has been fighting off demands from her ex for $110,000 a month in spousal support.

Blige Recalls 'Breaking Point' in Her Marriage to Kendu Isaacs: 'I Had to Save Myself' In addition to $30,000 per month to accommodate the "style of living" Isaacs was used to during their marriage, Blige has also been ordered to pay $135,000 retroactively dating back to Sept. The singer will pay her estranged husband $15,000 a month starting July 1 until full payment is made.

Starting on July 15, Blige will also pay $100,000 in attorney's fees and expert costs.

Mary J Blige net worth: Mary J Blige is a New York-born singer, song writer and producer who has a net worth of $20 million.

Mary J Blige was born on January 11, 1971 in the Bronx.You can start off your celebrations Thursday afternoon with a slice of a six-ton Wawa hoagie (which is just that much more delicious when it’s gigantic and free), then Friday, go see the Philadelphia Orchestra perform for free, eat up the delicious treats Saturday for sale the Night Market, see Here are our suggestions for how to spend your Independence holiday in the best possible way. Check out a complete list of fireworks in the area.About 66 million years ago, when the famed Tyrannosaurus rex known as “Sue” was alive and thumping around what would become the United States, it weighed about seven tons. rex’s weight will be served up in a soft, flat roll and handed out to Philadelphians for free. Mere days after reports accused the music manager of spending 0K of Miz Blige's hard earned money on his new girlfriend, it was revealed that Isaacs allegedly cheated on the 46-year-old with her much younger protégée. According to singer was dedicated to making Starshell, well, a star. Although Kendu's alleged infidelity wasn't the only problem in their marriage as sources close to the couple claim Blige's ex was verbally abusive towards her. Blige is in the middle of a pretty messy divorce with estranged husband (and former manager) Martin "Kendu" Isaacs. His goal is to reach an amicable resolution with her and [have] this commentary cease and desist. Blige filed for divorce from her estranged husband, 48, and former manager last year, and recently accused him of spending 0,000 on the unnamed girl while claiming it was a business expense.


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