Martin lawrence and tichina arnold dating

In an interview with Sway on December 18, co-star Tichina Arnold is asked to address all the talk about a possible reunion, and she drops a line about the idea for a movie which she and Martin discussed previously.She said that she and Martin talked about doing a ” She seems like she really wants to do it, but she also cautions that she wouldn’t want to rush into a movie and it ends up being a flop.Sassy humor about a hip though decidedly chauvinistic talk-show personality; his girlfriend, with whom he has a very adversarial relationship; and his two best friends, who spend most of their time hanging out at his apartment.

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Tichina Arnold, aka Pam on "Martin," hit the nuclear button on her 3-year marriage by exposing what she says is her husband's sex tape with another woman.

Sources very close to Tichina tell us she put Rico Hines on blast with a scathing group text to friends and family, saying ... This is where I part ways and all bets are off." That's the tame part. She claims he's been banging scores of women -- sometimes without protection -- and she has a sex tape to prove it.

sitcom back in the day, but the rumors we mostly remember hearing were about how Martin Lawrence and Tisha Campbell-Martin couldn’t get along for nothing.

We never really heard that there was some major tension between actor, Carl Payne (“Cole) and Martin.

Bill Cosby has been the subject of lawsuits over the current sex assault scandals and allegations against him. READ MORE Remember when Chuck D and the rest of Public Enemy had us screaming “Fight The Power” at the top of our lungs in 1989?

It’s that same defiant message he’s standing behind today, regarding how ?

It was very weird, but I handled it as best I could.

– shows that were some of the highest-rated among black households for some of those years.

Hands down, one of THEE funniest sitcoms in the 90’s was the hit, ‘Martin’.

For 5 years, the show brought entertaining characters to life like Martin Payne, Gina Waters and Pamela James.

Season 4, Episode 8November 5, 1995Gina (Tisha Campbell) doesn't cut it as a housewife after Martin's talk with her boss gets her fired.

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