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Online dating brings singles together who may never otherwise meet.

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"When I had it, I went though all the guys in a 100-mile radius in a day." A few weeks later, however, "it was all people were talking about."Over the weekend, there was even a Tinder-themed house party at a Provo apartment.

"Looking for a safe, comfortable environment to make that initial contact with your tinder [sic] match? "Come lay all doubts aside and invite all your tinder [sic] matches and all your other friends to the first ever Tinder party!

C., which could easily be dismissed as a rural versus urban dichotomy until you poke a little more at the numbers and discover a more significant factor: the states' male-to-female ratio.

tie the knot starts at 25.6 in Utah and tops out at 30.6 in Washington D.

Grindr, the gay dating and hookup app that turned four years old Monday, has accumulated more than 6 million users who spend an average of an hour and a half on it a day.

Blendr, the Grindr team's straight spin-off, has reached an audience of 177 million users, but making dating apps for straight people isn't the same as making ones for gay men, and research showing how men and women use dating apps and websites differently could explain why.

Sometimes he finds it easier just to hang out with the guys at his Mormon fraternity. "I don't feel stressed." That kind of modern nonchalance is what may be worrying LDS President Thomas S.

Monson and other Mormon leaders, who addressed the issue at the church's recent General Conference.

Let your Tinder dreams become a reality.""Provo is known for getting married as fast as possible," Mease said, but dating apps and websites could change the way students meet their future spouse because it's more convenient. If it doesn't go well in chat, you don't have to give them your number."Mease never used a dating app or website before Tinder, but has now been dubbed the "Tinder guru" by her friends. But now I have over 100 matches, so I just keep doing it."Mease's story isn't unique.

According to a poll Tinder conducted in January, 96% of its users had never used a dating app before.

I think a lot of men would love to know how to please their wives, really help her feel aroused—and vice versa.


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