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And Czisny wound up within four points of the leaders going into Saturday's free skate final despite feeling she could have skated much better.

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“When I was competing it was a different era,” Satō recalled.

Satō, the father of 1994 World champion Yuka Sato and the current coach of Mao Asada, retired following a fifth-place finish at 1966 Worlds and turned to coaching.

The level of difficulty in this discipline has officially hit the ceiling and there are at least six skaters who are landing at least two types of quads in competition and many more bridesmaids who can literally pop out of nowhere with their own four revolutions.

This year, Shoma Uno became the first skater to land the quadruple flip in competition and Yuzuru Hanyu the first skater to land the quadruple loop.

One of the first skaters to represent Japan in the modern era was Nobuo Satō, who dominated the sport domestically for a decade, winning 10 consecutive national titles from 1957 to 1966.

It is a record that has not been broken to this day.

Let’s start with that: close your eyes for a couple of seconds – and think about the biggest moments of this year’s edition of the Worlds. I see (and almost hear) Yuzuru Hanyu’s roar before the step sequence in his Chopin short program, and then again, I hear him yelling once the routine has ended, relieved, exhaling pressure – an image that will make for a great front page in the Japanese newspapers a day later.

I see Ashley Wagner laughing hysterically, bottom on the ice, at the end of her glorious Samba – definitely the best short program she’s ever skated, and a wonderful display of emotions in front of the home crowd.

Many wonder how it has become such a strong nation in recent years, producing one champion after another.


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