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We (both teachers) really problem solve together and one of us always comes up with a good idea of how to get through to the students.”.The purpose of this chapter is to provide further information about inclusion for high-incidence disabilities, to describe inclusion models, and to provide suggestions for effective practices for increasing learning for all students when students with high-incidence disabilities are included in the general education classroom.

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It's really important for beginners to have systematic, intense mentoring in the first year.

Having weekly support and in-classroom coaching in the first year for fine-tuning skills, for planning lessons, and for problem solving about things that come up in the classroom ensures that someone experienced is there during the critical moments of the beginning teacher's first year.

"That's because he doesn't want electricity," explains Jason Covert, the store manager. Yet when it comes to the Internet, the region remains as backward and stunted as its stereotype.

Decades into the information age, folks in these parts continue to make do with dial-up.

This is my second year teaching in an inclusion classroom and I love it.

I think all of the children in my room benefit from it.The result of the group’s work was crafted into the new truancy law.“The goal was not to fix a complicated, convoluted truancy law with a more complicated, convoluted truancy law,” Benninghoff said."Hell, it's barely fast enough to check your email," says Covert. Then you hit it again and get a snack ..."America's digital divide is not only a matter of geography.Among the quarter of Americans without broadband--basically, a connection fast enough to stream video--are many who simply cannot afford the monthly bill for service.Fifty years ago, Dan Lortie said the new teacher was like Robinson Crusoe, marooned on an island and facing challenges of survival.


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