Long phone conversations dating

I always thought that if a girl likes to talk to you on the phone for long periods, it means something.But I don' t know..says she likes talking to me for long periods because I listen, and understand her.

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It could be that these guys are suggesting a phone call because they think most women need to complete that step in order to meet off line.

If you’re not comfortable taking on the phone, you can just reply and say, “That’s not necessary.

You don’t want to just be one of her many orbiters who’s always asking her out; you want to be someone whom she to seeing in person.

And if you’re dripping with flop-sweat and stammering nervously every time you have to pick up the phone to call a girl, you’re never going to be that guy.

Am I being unreasonable for not wanting to talk on the phone?

I feel like the guys who make a big deal out of it and won’t meet end up being not worth it anyways, but I’m more curious how this comes off to the men I’m talking with.

Instead of putting yourself through the stress of an awkward call, schedule a specific time in the day when you’re planning to call her.

Then, some time between a half-hour to an hour in advance, you call someone you like talking to on the phone.

So ladies, will you have regular long phone conversations with a guy friend, if you have no feelings for him?


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