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One can be alone for months on end and not find themselves to be lonely — finding comfort in their own company.When we find ourselves entirely alone it's easy for our thoughts to drift away — into the past and the probable or improbable future — taking us places where our independence is a burden rather than a source of freedom.Both of these are due to faulty thinking cause by anxiety.

Loneliness dating the danger of internet dating

Mother Teresa once said the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible form of poverty.

She also described loneliness as the leprosy of the modern world.

Some people experience anxiety because they feel incredibly isolated.

Others feel they need to be alone to reduce their anxiety.

For those feeling alone, or for those who's anxiety keeps them alone, it is always a good idea to learn more about your anxiety.

Our free 7 minute anxiety test can help score your anxiety, compare it to others and - perhaps most importantly - help you learn to control it. Feeling lonely and isolating yourself from the world is both a cause and a symptom of anxiety.Over the winter I moved from New York City to Portland, Ore. Upon arriving, I rented a house and happily went out in search of "my people." I went to parks, bookstores, bars, on dates. Social isolation impairs immune function and boosts inflammation, which can lead to arthritis, type II diabetes, and heart disease. Portland, I reasoned, would offer me the space and time to do my work. Loneliness is not just making us sick, it is killing us. Studies of elderly people and social isolation concluded that those without adequate social interaction were twice as likely to die prematurely.Loneliness is dangerous — but it's not the act of being alone itself that causes loneliness.Sure, being alone is the root of the issue; however, it is our minds and thoughts that create loneliness. I knew I needed to connect to people to feel better, but I felt as though I physically could not handle any more empty interactions. In the afternoon, loneliness came in waves like a fever. Feeling uncertain, I began to research loneliness and came across several alarming recent studies.


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